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Ethics, Law, and Politics, Graduate Certificate

The Ethics, Law, and Politics Graduate Certificate is designed for graduate students who wish to attain and demonstrate competence in ethical theory, philosophy of law, and political philosophy as an adjunct to their graduate studies in another area. The certificate can be valuable to students going on to law or medical school, students studying political science, social work, history and other areas; and to students simply seeking to understand the complex interrelations between political structures, ethical aims, and legal constraints.


Coursework in the Ethics, Law, and Politics Graduate Certificate includes subjects in two groups:

  • The Topical Group, and the
  • Historical Group

Learn more about those groups and other course requirements here.


Some of the students accepted into the Certificate Program in Philosophy have completed undergraduate philosophy majors or minors, but we also accept students with degrees in other areas.

Learn more about the admissions process here.

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