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Nutrition, Master of Science Degree

The purpose of the Nutrition Graduate Program is to provide students with a post-baccalaureate education (M.S. only) that: Strengthens and advances core nutrition knowledge so that students are competent in the areas of nutritional biochemistry and physiology, and have an in-depth understanding of clinical and epidemiological applications of this knowledge as it relates to nutrition status assessment, and the prevention and treatment of disease; Provides opportunities so that students may develop proficiency in a more defined area of specialization that links nutrition with other biological or behavioral sciences.

This is accomplished through elective course work and completion of research/scholarly efforts that culminate in a written document (i.e., thesis or professional paper); and Results in an in-depth understanding of nutrition research and related scientific methods/techniques such that students are capable of critically evaluating research and engaging in the scientific process themselves.

The program serves the needs of students who are interested in research careers related to nutrition; dietetic professionals seeking advanced training; as well as other health-related professionals who have an interest in nutrition.

More information about admissions to the Nutrition graduate program.

Nutrition M.S. the General Course Catalog listing

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