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Ph.D. in Basque Studies

Offering students insight into the history and culture of the Basque people

The Basque Tutorial Ph.D. program is intended to provide students in the humanities and social sciences with the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies emphasizing Basque-related courses and dissertation research.

The successful student will be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Basque Studies with an emphasis on the subject matter of one of the participating departments at the University of Nevada, Reno:

Consequently, the degree will be in Basque Studies and the student's transcript will list as major area of study Basque Studies (Anthropology), Basque Studies (History), etc.

The Tutorial Ph.D. program represents a unique opportunity for the right student. However, given that it lacks the structure of a traditional doctoral program, the Tutorial Ph.D. only suits those students who have clear goals and who are willing to assume responsibility for formulating, presenting, and justifying a program of study and a dissertation topic. The Center highly recommends that potential applicants contact either Dr. Joseba Zulaika or Xabier Irujo the co-directors of the Center for Basque Studies, to discuss their proposed research and to verify that a mentor will be available for their topic.

Campus Resources

The Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno is the leading academic and research institution for Basque Studies in the United States. The University has one of the world's best library collections of Basque-related materials (currently 55,000 volumes) outside the Basque Country. Faculty and visiting scholars at the Center for Basque Studies undertake original research in a range of disciplines and are active in international, as well as national networks of scholarship. The Center has seven of its own book series, edited by faculty members.

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