Research Projects

A graduate student researcher evaluates pavement samples on a computer

Current Projects

Analysis Procedures for Evaluating Superheavy Load Movement on Flexible Pavements

The movement of superheavy load (SHL) has become more common over years since it is a vital necessity for many important industries. Superheavy load (SHL) hauling units are much larger in size and weight compared to the standard trucks. SHL vehicles may involve gross vehicle weights in excess of a few million pounds often requiring specialized trailers and components with non-standard spacing between tires and axles. Such moves require the determination of whether the pavement is structurally adequate to sustain the SHL movement and involves the analysis of the likelihood of instantaneous or rapid load-induced shear failure.

Structural Coefficient for High Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixes

The overall objectives of this research study are to determine the structural coefficient for asphalt mixes that contain high polymer modified binder (specified by FDOT as PG76-22 (HP) and containing approximately 7.5% SBS or SB polymer).

Past Projects

Mechanistic-Based Pavement Damage and Associated Cost from Overweight Vehicles in Nevada

The movement of overweight (OW) vehicles has become more common over the years due to its vital necessity for many important industries such as chemical, oil, defense, etc. Using OW vehicles reduces the number of vehicles on highways, potentially decreasing traffic congestion and emissions. However, the operation of large and heavy vehicles can lead to a speedy deterioration of the roadway system; hence necessitating additional resources to maintain the conditions of roadway pavements at an acceptable level.