Wintermester registration and fees

Registration for Wintermester is available on MyNEVADA beginning November 1 of each year.

Visit MyNEVADA to see class times, dates, modalities, locations, and instructors (available mid-October). To search for Wintermester classes in MyNEVADA, select the current-year Spring term and Winter Session under “Additional Search Criteria” or search for individual classes under the current-year Spring term and look for section number 58xx to identify Wintermester sections.

Maximum credit load. Students may enroll in up to four (4) credits during the Wintermester. Please discuss credit overload requests with your academic advisor.

Wintermester fees. Wintermester credits are part of the spring schedule.

Financial aid. The Spring disbursement in mid-January will cover Wintermester tuition for those students who are eligible for financial aid for the Spring semester, and who have an adequate amount remaining to cover both Spring and Wintermester semester fees. Students must meet academic progress standards after Fall grades are posted in order to receive Spring funding. Spring disbursements will begin seven days before the first day of the spring semester. Always check with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships regarding aid eligibility.