Editorial change to catalog copy and AAR report

In order to maintain accuracy, clarity , and consistency in the catalog and the AAR reports, it is occasionally necessary to revise wording or resolve inconsistencies that arise in these documents regarding items that have been approved by the University Courses and Curricula Committee or are of a nature that does not require UCCC action. To reduce confusion, it is necessary to make these changes more quickly than allowed by the regular UCCC schedule.

Following is the approved process for making editorial changes to catalog copy and/or AAR encoding. A department representative may initiate the change, but before it is implemented in Admissions and Records, the Dean, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and the Chair of the University Courses and Curricula committee must mutually agree that the proposed change does not warrant full UCCC action.

  1.  The department representative confers with his or her Dean regarding the proposed change and, with the Dean's approval, generates a memo to the Vice Provost including a description of the change and the rationale.
    • If the proposed change impacts offerings in other departments, the memo must be accompanied by a letter of support from the impacted department(s).
    • Existing catalog copy should be printed and the desired changes indicated on the copy.
  2. If the Vice Provost and the Chair of the UCCC approve the change, a copy of the memo and catalog copy with notes for revision will be sent to the AAR staff in the Office of Admissions and Records.
  3. Upon receipt of the memo in Admissions and Records, the change will be made in the AAR encoding and in the catalog copy immediately .
  4. The correction will be included on the next regular UCCC agenda as an informational item.