Course or Specialization/Emphasis Reactivation Guidelines

Adopted April 16, 2007, Amended July 22, 2008

Course Reactivations

Each year departments are asked to deactivate (remove from the catalog) courses in which there has been no enrollment in the previous five years. Courses may be reactivated when a department/college is ready to teach the course again.

To request course reactivation, login into Curriculog and complete the "Reactivate an Inactive Course" form.

The following information must be included or attached to the form.

  1. A copy of the previous catalog description of the course and a statement that no change in the course (description, title, prerequisites or credits) is being requested.
  2. Editorial corrections are permitted (for example, a prerequisite course that has been renumbered).
  3. A syllabus for the course. The syllabus must meet expectations described in the Syllabus Guidelines .
  4. Identify the term in which the course will next be offered.
  5. Describe the frequency with which the course will be offered (every semester, Spring only, Fall even years, etc.).
  6. How will the department cover the course (current professor, full-time instructor, LOA or an instructor to be hired in an ongoing search, etc.)?
  7. Provide the expected enrollment for the course.

Adopted November 15, 2010

Specialization/Emphasis Reactivations

A college that would like to reactivate a specialization or an emphasis within a degree program shall complete the appropriate Curriculog proposal form. Appropriate catalog copy should be attached. The catalog copy must contain the specific courses that are required (18 credits or more for an undergraduate specialization or 12 credits for a graduate level specialization, fewer credits for an emphasis). There can be no changes in the specialization or emphasis from what was previously "deactivated" except for the substitution of courses that have been replaced by other courses or the elimination of courses that are no longer offered. If the previous catalog copy did not specify the courses required for the specialization or the emphasis, the courses must be specified for reactivation for the specialization or emphasis.

The process shall be valid for the reactivation of specializations/emphases within a degree which have been "deactivated" from a period of no longer than five years.

The proposal is in keeping with the approval by the Academic Affairs Council to increase from three to five years, the time period for which a program my be "deactivated" without requiring formal Board approval when the program is reactivated.