Technical Assistance

What is Technical Assistance?

Technical Assistance is a committee process that provides many services to faculty who are developing course and program proposals. Technical assistance is available throughout the proposal development/review process; however, faculty are encouraged to access the services early. The Technical Assistance committee reviews each proposal and provides information and support to insure timely submission of all appropriate forms for UCCC review.

The Services that Technical Assistance provides:

  • Generate CCN forms - staff will complete the CCN form when it is required. The course number and title will be verified with the CCN database and, if necessary, NSHE contacts notified. It will be the responsibility of the submitter to respond to inquiries from other NSHE institutions.
  • Advice on implementation - staff identify the submission deadlines that must be met to insure changes are approved for implementation for the desired term. 
  • Research effects of the proposed change - staff use the student information system and other curriculum databases/archives to identify the effects of the proposed change(s): Catalog, MyNEVADA, prerequisites, and NSHE Transfer Agreements.
  • Assistance in the development and writing of Student Learning Outcomes - we have staff whose primary responsibility is providing assistance to faculty in developing this important element for your syllabus.
  • Provide catalog references - staff will provide all catalog copy references relevant to the proposed change so that new catalog copy can be prepared and submitted.
  • Perform a keyword search - to identify potential overlap between courses, staff search keywords in the course title and description against all active courses in curriculum databases. The submitter will be notified of the courses that have similar subject matter.
  • Verify systems compliance - NSHE review and approval is required for some curriculum changes. Information and support on system-level procedures will be provided if relevant.
  • Review for supplemental material- if supplemental materials are required, staff will inform submitter. 
  • Answer questions - feel free to contact the Technical Assistance Committee with questions and concerns about the curriculum approval process.

Questions? Contact us by phone or email.