Searching NOLIJ

Searching for information on course, program and catalog changes has never been easier. A new NOLIJ database will contain images of all the documents approved by the UCCC since 1986. Currently documents from 1990 - 2010 are in the system.

You will need to complete a security application for access to the NOLIJ database. This form can be found at: . Complete the general information. In the middle of the first page under "Applications/Services Requested" check "NOLIJ". This will create a second page. On the top left-hand corner of the second page, select "Courses and Curriculum" and complete the remaining questions. The form must be printed and signed. Send the completed form to IT at Mail Stop 0322. They require original signatures.

Applicants will be contacted by campus IT staff when their application has been processed.

If you need assistance in searching NOLIJ, please call the UCCC Secretary at 682-8076 or email at