Core Curriculum Board and Committees

Core Curriculum Board for 2017-2018

Chair: Sarah A. Cummings, Core Curriculum Director

Voting Members:

    • Amy Fitch, School of Community Health Sciences (term expires in 2020)
    • Jane Detweiler, College of Liberal Arts (reappointed until 2019)
    • Eelke Folmer, College of Engineering (term expires in 2019)
    • Stanislav Jabuka, College of Science (term expires in 2020)
    • Hyun-Joo Jeon, College of Education (reappointed until 2020)
    • Donica Mensing, Reynolds School of Journalism (term expires in 2020)
    • Nicole Murphy, School of Medicine (term expires in 2020)
    • David Shintani, CABNR (term expires in 2018)
    • Jeanne Wendel, College of Business (term expires in 2019)
    • Catherine Chaput, Director, Core Writing (ex officio)
    • Edward Keppelmann, Department of Mathematics & Statistics (ex officio)
    • Daniel E. Perez, Director, Core Humanities (ex officio)
    • Noah Teixeira, ASUN Presidential Representative (ex officio)

Non-Voting Ex Officio Members: 

Joe Cline, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
C. Russell Stone, Assistant Vice Provost, University Assessment & Accreditation
Derek Furukawa, Advising
Maureen Cronin, Admissions & Records
Chris Mays, pro tem CCID Director
Katy Schleef, Curriculum Specialist & Course Concierge
Diann Jones, Core Administrative Assistant

Non-Voting Liaisons:

Melissa Deadmond, TMCC
Amy Ghileri, WNC
Maureen McBride, CO1 Committee Liaison

Core Committees

Effective Composition & Communication [CO1]

  • Chair: Maureen McBride, Writing Center [CCB]
  • David Feil-Seifer, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Bill Macauley, CCID

Quantitative Reasoning [CO2]

  • Chair: Mariah Evans, Sociology
  • Edward Keppelmann, Core Mathematics [CCB]
  • Kim Rollins, Economics

Critical Analysis & Use of Information [CO3]

  • Chair: Ann Medaille, Libraries
  • Catherine Chaput, English [CCB]
  • Vacant

Physical & Natural Phenomena [CO4]

  • Chair: Jason Shearer, Chemistry
  • Matthew Leone, Criminal Justice
  • Kelley Stewart, Natural Resources & Environmental Science
  • Xiaoshan Zhu, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

History & Culture [CO5]

  • Chair: Elena Pravosudova, Biology
  • Daniel E. Perez, World Languages and Literature [CCB] 
  • John Nolan, Managerial Sciences

Cultures, Societies, & Individuals [CO6]

  • Chair: Markus Kemmelmeier, Sociology
  • Emily Berthelot, Criminal Justice
  • Chris Williams, Philosophy
  • Igor Makienko, Marketing
  • David Shintani, CABNR [CCB]

Artistic Composition, Interpretation, & Expression [CO7]

  • Chair: Julianne Lindberg, Music
  • Tamara Scronce, Art
  • Christopher Coake, English
  • Jonathon Taylor, Theatre and Dance

Constitutions [CO8]

  • Chair: Alan Deutschman, Journalism
  • Daniel E. Perez, World Languages and Literature [CCB] 
  • Eric Herzik, Political Science

Science, Technology, & Society [CO9]

  • Chair: Guy Hoelzer, Biology
  • Eelke Folmer, Computer Science and Engineering [CCB]
  • Chris Morgan, Anthropology
  • Sami Fadali, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Diversity & Equity [CO10]

  • Chair: Jennifer Hill, Gender, Race, & Identity
  • Hyun-Joo Jeon, Education [CCB]
  • Eleni Oikonomidoy, Education
  • Meredith Oda, History

Global Contexts [CO11]

  • Chair: Berch Berberoglu, Sociology
  • Louis Marvick, World Languages & Literature
  • Rachel Salas Didier, Education
  • Hyo (Jean) Jeon, Marketing

Ethics [CO12]

  • Chair: Katharine Schweitzer, Philosophy
  • David Shintani, CABNR [CCB]
  • Jodi Barker, World Languages & Literature
  • Charles Coronella, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Integration & Synthesis [CO13]

  • Chair: Vacant
  • Jamie Benedict, Nutrition
  • Jim Sundali, Managerial Sciences
  • Gini Vogel, Art
  • Amy Fitch, Community Health Sciences [CCB]

Application [CO14]

  • Chair: Rod Case, Education
  • Jeanne Wendel, Economics [CCB]
  • Tamara Valentine, Honors
  • Pamela Sandstrom, Biology