Las Vegas Nevada Bound Student Fly-Up Program

The Las Vegas Nevada Bound Fly-Up trip is a one-day chaperoned visit to the University of Nevada, Reno that is available to admissible high school juniors, seniors and transfer students from southern Nevada.

An unofficial transcript with a 3.0 academic weighted GPA (NSHE core) or above is required for high school students to attend the trip.

An unofficial college transcript with a 2.5 GPA or above is required for transfer students to attend the trip.

$99.00 trip fee payment is required to attend.

The program experience includes the following:

  • Round-trip airfare between Las Vegas and Reno
  • Ground transportation in Reno
  • Admissions and financial aid information
  • Dedicated time with your major/program of interest
  • Walking tour of the campus
  • Lunch and more!

Register for an upcoming fly-up date

Date Registration Links
Wednesday, 2/2 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 2/2
Thursday, 2/17 Business Nevada Bound 2/17
Friday, 2/25 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 2/25
Friday, 3/4 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 3/4
Thursday, 3/17 Business Nevada Bound 3/17
Friday, 3/25 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 3/25
Friday, 4/1 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 4/1
Friday, 4/8 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 4/8
Wednesday, 4/13 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 4/13
Friday, 4/15 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 4/15
Friday, 4/22 Nevada Bound Fly-Up 4/22

Need more information about the fly-up program?

If you have questions or would like more information about the Las Vegas Nevada Bound student fly-up trips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Las Vegas Office for Prospective Students
9075 W. Diablo Drive, Suite 200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148