Brian Sandoval

University of Nevada, Reno's 17th president

Latest messages from the President

Update on recent appointments

The University has made several important appointments this month, and I wish to share some of them with you. I am delighted to welcome Zeva Edmondson, Dr. Louisa Hope-Weeks and Andrew Clinger to The Wolf Pack Family.

Jewish American Heritage Month

The month of May has been a time for all of us to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of Jewish Americans throughout our nation’s history.

Close of Spring semester

I wish to thank you all for the success of our spring semester and for an academic year that has demonstrated yet again why the work of our University matters so much.

Wolf Pack Rising
2023-2027 Strategic Plan

Wolf Pack Rising represents our University’s commitment to moving onward and upward in our continued efforts to better serve students, faculty and staff, the state of Nevada, and beyond. With the collective vision of our University community, we have charted a course for our future — now the Pack must rise to the challenge. The same way the entire community played a role in the production of this plan, we all must also play a role in its execution.

Read the strategic plan

Cover of Wolf Pack Rising Strategic Plan, with three wolves standing in the snow and the words "Wolf Pack Rising" below the picture.
[Cover of Wolf Pack Rising]