PACKLine shuttle service

Summer update: The last day of PACKTransit shuttle service will be Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Service is discontinued for the summer. Service will resume for the fall semester on Monday, August 29, 2022.

PACKTransit operates a basic service in one continuous loop around the campus. This service line, called PACKLine, will serve 11 stops from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

PACKLine stops

  1. North Green Lot
  2. Enterprise Lot
  3. East Campus Apartments *
    • The YOUnion
    • The Highlands
  4. Cain Hall
  5. Fleischmann Agriculture
  6. Valley Road
  7. Canyon Flats
  8. Dorms North
  9. Church Fine Arts
  10. Lombardi Recreation
  11. School of Medicine
  12. Uncommon Reno

Pack Line campus shuttle route

Starting at the stop in front of the Jot Travis Building, which is the Dorms North stop, the campus shuttle moves north on Virginia Street, stopping at Church Fines Arts. It then continues north on Virginia Street, turning east on E. 15th Street and then veers northeast going north of Lombardi Recreation Center. Just after Lombardi Recreation Center it goes north along East Stadium Way until it turns west just past the Family Medicine Center at the traffic circle. It then continues east on 17th Street until it turns north between the U.S. Post Office and Central Services for the Uncommon Reno stop. It continues north and then it then turns back east just south of North McCarran Boulevard to service the North Green Lot stop. The shuttle continues east through the north Tan lot north of the School of Medicine and meets up with Enterprise Road. The shuttle then crosses Evans Avenue, along Enterprise Road to The Highlands and YOUnion Apartments where it circles back around towards Evans Avenue. The line follows Evans Avenue south where it stops at Cain Hall and continues to a small circle made just south of Fleischmann Agriculture. The shuttle then loops back north on Evans Avenue and turns east on Highlands Avenue, intersecting Valley Road. The shuttle turns south on Valley Road, then turns west on 6th Street. At North Virginia Street the line heads north and then heads east on East 7th Street, servicing the Canyon Flats stop at the corner of East 7th Street and Center Street. The line turns north on Center Street and then continues west on 9th Street before moving north on North Virginia Street to meet back up with the original starting location.

*The image below is a route map showing the basic shuttle service route. In order for passengers to board at The Highlands or at The YOUnion Apartments, they must purchase an East Campus Resident Shuttle Access Pass form the University of Nevada, Reno Parking and Transportation Services Department.

2019-2020 PACKTransit and Wolf Pack Tower Shuttle Route Map