Disability access and disabled parking permits

In order to use campus parking spaces designated as disabled accessible, vehicles must display the appropriate parking permits, placards and plates. Please note that, with the exception of Disabled Veteran License Plates, disabled placards or plates do not waive applicable parking fees. Depending on your needs, you may purchase an annual university disabled parking permit, a temporary university disabled permit or a daily disabled parking permit. The permit should be displayed along with the DMV-issued placard or plate. The person who owns the disabled placard must be in the vehicle. Using a disabled placard that is issued to someone else constitutes fraud and is punishable by state law.

Annual University disabled parking permits

Annual disabled accessible parking permits may be purchased at the Parking and Transportation Services office located directly off of 16th Street. The following items and information are needed when purchasing the permit: 

  1. A completed parking permit application (Applications are available in our office.)
  2. A valid photo ID
  3. A DMV-issued placard or vehicle registration
  4. A DMV "Authorization Letter" indicating ownership of the disabled access placard. (This is not necessary if the vehicle has disabled plates.)

Prior to being approved, all applications will be verified through the DMV. Once your information is on file, you will be able to renew future annual parking permits by mail. In the event that the disabled individual cannot pay the entire permit fee in advance, payment arrangements may be provided.

Temporary University disabled parking permits

Temporarily disabled individuals are eligible to purchase a temporary university disabled permit. The same requirements listed for the annual permit above apply to temporarily disabled individuals; however, the expiration date of the temporary disabled parking permit will coincide with the expiration date of the temporary DMV placard.

Parking for visitors with disabilities

Visitors with disabilities may purchase a one-day parking permit at the Parking and Transportation Services office or at parking permit dispensers at the following locations:

  • Lower level of the Brian Whalen Parking Complex and the E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center
  • Top floor of the West Stadium Parking Complex
  • The Silver 10 parking lot just southeast of the Center for Molecular Medicine
  • In the meter parking lot east of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center
  • In the meter parking lot east of Lombardi Recreation Center

Daily permits may be used at any disabled parking space throughout the day indicated on the permit. The permit should be displayed on the dash alongside the DMV-issued placard.

There are also disabled-accessible metered spaces located on campus. These spaces do not require a campus parking permit; however, a DMV-issued placard or plate must be displayed and the meter fee must be paid. Please see the Disabled Parking Map for locations of disabled-accessible parking meters.

Disabled veterans

Veterans who have a 100 percent service-connected disability may be eligible for a State of Nevada Disabled Veteran License Plates. Those who are interested in obtaining this type of license plate should check with the State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to determine eligibility. These license plates allow the registered plate holder to use disabled parking and exempts their vehicle from Nevada State and local parking fees.

In November 2023, two Purple Heart parking spaces were added on campus. The spaces, one of which is located on the first floor of the Brian Whalen Parking Complex and one located on the fourth floor of the Gateway Parking Complex, are reserved for veterans that have been awarded the Purple Heart medal and have a state issued Purple Heart license plate. These license plates allow the registered plate holder to use the Purple Heart spaces for free.

Additional information

To view the standards for disabled-accessible parking spaces please visit ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Nevada laws regarding disabled accessibility are listed under NRS 484B.467.

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