About the Nevada Water Innovation Institute

The Nevada Water Innovation Institute is a shared vision and effort by the regional water resource agencies and utilities and the University of Nevada, Reno.

What is the Nevada Water Innovation Institute?

Our goal is to develop and implement innovative and integrated water solutions for regional needs and to demonstrate national leadership in the water sector by the Truckee Meadows region.

What does the Water Innovation Institute do?

The NWII partners aim to collaborate and demonstrate national leadership in the water sector by developing products, methods, and human resources to compete in the water innovation market. The NWII will help the region and the state to practice sustainable water management for economic growth and enriching the natural water environment.

Our objectives

Develop innovative approaches to water management, including pollution prevention, water reclamation and reuse, and water quality

Collaborate with utility and industry members to demonstrate national leadership in water innovation

Educate our future workforce and community on water issues and sustainable water use and reuse