Faculty appointed to judicial conduct commission

8/8/2008 | By: Zanny Marsh  |

Two members of the University faculty members have been named to the Commission on the Amendment to the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct by the Nevada Supreme Court.

Jim Richardson, professor and director of the Grant Sawyer Center for Justice Studies and the School of Social Research and Justice Studies, and Warren Lerude, journalism professor for the Reynolds School of Journalism, will serve on the 14-member commission.

“Without question it is an honor to be named to the commission, which has an important and formidable task of updating the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct,” Richardson said. “We hope to review the Code of Judicial Conduct in ways that make it more transparent and functional for all concerned.”

Lerude attributes his selection to the commission to his extensive experience working with the judiciary over the years. He looks forward to contributing to the process.

“Two of the most important things to democracy are an independent judiciary and a free press,” Lerude said.

The commission will study the revised Model Code of Judicial Conduct and make recommendations regarding amendments to the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct to the Nevada Supreme Court.

The commission was formed in response to the American Bar Association's approval of a revised Model Code of Judicial Conduct.

The committee is composed of 14 members from across Nevada, including lawyers, professors and members of the judiciary including fellow Reno residents John Arrascada and Judge David Hardy.

The Nevada Supreme Court appointed Chief Justice A. William Maupin to chair the committee.


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