Nevada Money Mentors

Nevada Money Mentors

Money Mentors Helping StudentsWe provide confidential individual financial coaching sessions; host on-campus workshops, in-class presentations and tabling events; and educate regarding all things personal finance.

At Nevada Money Mentors, our goal is to provide financial literacy education through campus outreach programs and provide students with the resources and skills to successfully manage their finances. 

Our mission is to empower students with financial knowledge and resources so they can make informed, confident decisions about money.

Nevada Money Mentors has made a positive difference in the financial lives of many Nevada students. We help our students get on track with their fiscal lives which allows them to remain a student at the university and many times alleviates the encumbering financial stressors of college.

The Nevada Money Mentor Financial Wellness Program at the University of Nevada, Reno was originally created in 2016 to provide financial coaching for students. Thanks to an annual donation from Greater Nevada Credit Union and various community partners, our programs and services are offered to University of Nevada, Reno students, staff/faculty, and alumni at no cost.

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At Nevada Money Mentors, you can:

  • Schedule personal and confidential coaching sessions with trained professionals or peer mentors.
  • Learn how to plan, track and review income, savings and expenses.
  • Learn how to establish and manage credit.
  • Create a financial survival plan for college.
  • Understand credit reports and scores.
  • Plan for tuition and fee payments.
  • Research housing options.
  • Create repayment plans for student loans and personal debt.
  • Plan for expenses and living costs after college.
  • Learn how to live without your parents' money and financial support.
  • Analyze job offers and benefits packages.

There are certain services Nevada Money Mentors cannot provide:

  • Bankruptcy counseling, mortgage and refinancing counseling, investment advice, contacting creditors
  • Selection of financial institutions
  • Selection of financial planning services
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax advice and filling assistance

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