Talking Photo Albums

By MaryAnn Demchak

Talking photo albums can be used as a great communication aid for individuals who have limited verbal communication skills. The album pictured holds 24 4 x 6 inch photos and allows a 10 second recording for each photo. A record button allows you to record the message you want for each page. The user then pushes the “arrow” on each page to play the message associated with the photo. Talking photo albums come in various sizes (e.g., 24 photos, 36 photos, “family-size”).

A few ideas for using a talking photo album:

  • As a conversation starter: Insert photos of the individual engaged in various activities with relevant messages recorded (e.g., activities done at home over the weekend)
  • As a conversation starter: Insert photos of preferred or favorite activities that can provide a basis for a conversation
  • To share information about what happened at school: Insert digital photos and messages about school activities
  • To provide directions for completing a task: Insert photos representing the sequence in which the activity is to be completed; a verbal instruction or cue can be recorded for each

This list represents just a few simple ideas for using talking photo albums.

Talking photo albums are marketed by companies such: