Page Fluffers

By: Marty Elquist 

Page fluffers are simple adaptations made to books or other reading material that make pages more accessible to turn. A "fluffer" is glued, taped, or clipped to the corner of each page. The "fluffer" puts spaces between each page allowing those with limited fine motor skills to get their fingers between each page. Pages fluffers are helpful in fostering independent literacy skills.

Page fluffers are placed on the top of the first page, a little bit lower on the second page, lower on the third page and so on. When you reach the bottom of the page you start over at the top of the next page.

Permanent Page Fluffers:

  • Female Velcro (peel and stick).
  • Rubber weather stripping with adhesive back (peel and stick)
  • Picture frame dots (peel and stick)
  • Beads of fun foam (dried)
  • Beads of puff paint (dried)
  • Foam of any type (hot glued)
  • Packaging peanuts (hot glued)
  • Popsicle sticks (or other study material) to the pages so one end sticks out beyond the pages like tabs (hot glued)
  • Furniture protectors (peel and stick)
  • Bottle caps or film canister caps (hot glued)

Removable Page Fluffers:

  1. Clip a paper clip on a small piece (1" x 1") of tag board or card stock (something sturdy).
  2. Glue a fluffer (foam, felt, any of the "permanent" page fluffer items) to one side of the tag board.
  3. Clip the material on the pages - easy non-permanent solution!

Paper clips with beads threaded and glued on them also make great removable page fluffers.


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