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NAQTC is a nonprofit organization whose members include Nevada Department of Transportation, Clark County RTC, RTC Washoe, Nevada counties, Nevada cities, the American Consulting Engineers Council and the Nevada Contractors Association. The NAQTC alliance was formed through the Nevada Quality Initiative in an effort to improve the quality of transportation construction materials in Nevada. This program is prescribed to meet in part, the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations 637, Subpart B - Quality Assurance procedures for Construction. A person obtaining qualification under the NAQTC program is listed in the Qualified Technician Registry.

For more, see the NAQTC handbook

Friendly Reminders

  • Registrations must be received two weeks prior to the written and performance exams.
  • Check the schedule for dates. Exceptions will not be made!
  • Cell phones are prohibited during examination period and test methods handed out during exams shall not be altered in any way or form.
  • Your Qualification is valid for five years from the date of there issued for each Module. If your Qualification is near expiration, please contact NAQTC to renew or check Exams Calendar/Result web page for the exam schedule.
  • Please download and use the new registration forms which could be used as proof for passing the written exam and a temporary ID card for the performance test.
  • NAQTC does not provide any type of study materials for the exam(s). You will have to obtain the test methods to study through your company or by purchasing those test methods through the AASHTO website.  We do provide you with the performance checklist to study. Please email Lisa Cody for the performance checklist.
  • Check, money order or cashier’s check shall be made payable to the BOARD OF REGENTS. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL THE PAYMENT TO THE BOARD OF REGENTS BUT TO THE ADDRESS BELOW:

Payment must be mailed to:
University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89557