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  • Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Pradeep Menezes has received a $500,000 award in early 2024 from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the research project “Manufacturing of Spent Fuel Storage Canisters with Superior Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance using Advanced Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding and High-Pressure Cold Spray Additive Post-Processing.” Chemical & Materials Engineering Professor Mano Misra is a co-principal investigator on the project.
  •, an online educational platform, has listed Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Pradeep Menezes as No. 570 in the its national rankings for 2024. Menezes also was ranked 1,353 in the world. The ranking is determined using data combined from various data sources, including OpenAlex, an index of scholarly works, authors, venues, institutions and concepts; and Crossref, a digital infrastructure organization. Over 37,769 researchers were examined for the ranking, according to


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Alessandro Ralls stands in front of the Palmer Engineering building.

Mechanical Engineering doctoral graduate receives Sam Lieberman Scholarship Award

Alessandro Ralls hopes to continue his career in the mechanical engineering field

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NASA astronaut Eileen Collins shares stories at Women in Space event

Selected for the astronaut program in 1990, Collins was the first woman to pilot the space shuttle Discovery

Christos Papachristos; Tom Hall (seated); Petros Voulgaris; and Aditya Nair (holding a drone) pose inside Papacristos' lab.

Thanks to a $36 million gift from the Gillemot Foundation, a new aerospace engineering program prepares for takeoff

'It has taken a large team many years to bring it all together.'

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