Language Bank translation services

Our translation fee structure is based on the language pair, complexity of the subject matter, formatting requirements, and the word count of the document. Translation rates vary depending on these factors and other circumstances of each language. Some translated documents increase or decrease the word count based on language. Notarization of translated documents is also available.

Our interpreters and translators undergo a complete reference check, including degrees and credentials, guaranteeing high-quality translation and interpretation services. Language Bank translators are native speakers of specific target languages, trained in document translating, and have professional experience in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

We provide interpretation and notarized translation for the following:

  • Emergency situations
  • Parent-teacher discussions
  • Translation of letters
  • Translation of official documents
  • Video calls
  • Businesses meetings
  • Legal interpretation
  • Depositions
  • Court hearings
  • Over the phone interpretation
  • Medical interpretation

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Available languages for translation

We offer translation and interpretation services in numerous languages. Please refer to the list below.