Language Bank translation services

All Northern Nevada International Center Language Bank translation projects are conducted by professional translators with a minimum of three years’ experience. Our translators undergo thorough reference checks, including verification of degrees and credentials, so NNIC’s Language Bank can guarantee high-quality translation services. Language Bank translators are native speakers of specific target languages, trained in document translation with ample professional experience.

Our translation fee structure is based on the target languages to be translated, complexity of the subject matter, type of industry, formatting requirements, and the word count of the documents in the project. Translation rates vary depending on these factors and language-specific circumstances. Throughout the translation process, some document word counts may increase or decrease. Notarization of translated documents is also available.

We take pride in maintaining consistent standards of diligence, accuracy and confidentiality with every project we undertake.

We provide translation services for more than 100 languages for the following projects:

  • Personal records - passport, birth, death, marriage, diplomas, transcripts, medical records
  • Legal documents
  • Correspondence 
  • Marketing materials - brochures, flyers, newsletter content, signage, direct mail, fundraising assets
  • Media materials - press releases, media advisories
  • Web copy 
  • Corporate documents
  • Technical and scientific documents
  • Books, articles
  • PowerPoint presentations

If you do not see your project represented above, please inquire as we are able to work with you to achieve your document translation goals.

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