Interpretation services

All Northern Nevada International Center Language Bank interpretation services are conducted by professional interpreters with three years’ minimum experience. Gender-specific interpreters can be requested based on the nature of client engagements. Our interpreters undergo thorough reference checks, including verification of degrees and credentials, so we can guarantee high-quality language interpretation services. Language Bank interpreters are native speakers of specific target languages, trained in multiple environments, and have professional experience in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Every interpreter is rigorously vetted and admitted to the network following a thorough and detailed recruitment process. They are screened on language proficiency, education and professional accreditation, work experience and regulatory compliance. 

Our interpreters work with the client in your office or at a location you designate. Interpretation services are billed on an hourly basis. A two hour minimum charge is required for all interpretations. Please note that most of our interpreters need to be scheduled for translation or interpretation work at least 72 hours before the project is due. Interpreter in-person travel and additional fees may apply.

We take pride in maintaining consistent standards of diligence, accuracy and confidentiality with every project we undertake.

We provide interpretation for the following:

  • Depositions, hearings, trials, legal meetings
  • Medical appointments
  • Conference service interpretations
  • Business meetings with international clients
  • Employee/HR meetings
  • Employee trainings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Emergency situations
  • Video calls
  • Businesses meetings
  • Legal interpretation
  • Depositions
  • Court hearings

Video remote interpreting

Similar to over the phone interpretation, video remote interpreting is a modern, cloud-based system for connecting clients by video or remote means via web app. This solution offers more than 30 languages and retains professional courtesy and confidentiality of other interpretation services. 

If you do not see your project represented above, please inquire as we are able to work with you to achieve your interpretation goals. The Language Bank accesses an interpreter network of accredited professional interpreters that provides access to more than 200 languages, as well as access to specialty dialects, gender specifics and language subsets depending on client needs. 

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