Illumina sequencing

We offer Illumina library preparation services using commercially available kits. We have two Illumina sequencing instruments: NextSeq 2000 and MiniSeq. Our sequencing output has a range of 8 million to 1.1 billion read/read pairs, or 2.4 to 330 gigabases. This is the equivalent of 0.6 to 110 human genome equivalents.


Sanger sequencing

The Nevada Genomics Center operates a 3730 DNA Analyzer for Sanger sequencing. All of our runs include an internal plasmid control to aid in quality control.

Samples submitted by 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday are guaranteed to have data returned the following day.


Fragment analysis/genotyping/DNA fingerprinting

Fragment analysis can be performed using microsatellite or RFLP techniques. Samples are run on the 3730 DNA Analyzer, which is equipped with filters compatible with 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET and LIZ (for size standards).

We can run plates provided as-is, or prepare your samples by diluting (if necessary) and adding size standard (LIZ 500).

We will determine the best dilution for your samples if necessary for a nominal fee.


PCR cleanup

We offer PCR cleanup for Sanger sequencing services. Your samples will be quantified and an appropriate amount is used in an enzymatic reaction that degrades remaining PCR primers and dephosphorylates remaining dNTPs. This treated sample can then be used directly in Sanger sequencing.


Quantification services

We use quantification methods specific for dsDNA or RNA.

Up to 48 samples will be quantified with a Qubit fluorometer.

A plate-based assay will be used to quantify 48 or more samples. Standards are measured in triplicate and you can request multiple measurements of your samples.


Agilent TapeStation 4150 services

The Agilent TapeStation 4150 can be used to determine the size range of DNA or RNA samples. RIN numbers are reported for RNA samples. We are currently offering three types of ScreenTapes as part of our regular services. Please contact us if you are interested in the High Sensitivity versions of the DNA & RNA ScreenTapes, as well as cell-free and genomic (up to 60 kb) DNA ScreenTapes.

TapeStation D1000

Samples should be 0.1 to 50 ng/ul.  The dynamic size range is 35 to 1,000 bp.

TapeStation D5000

Samples should be 0.1 to 50 ng/ul.  The dynamic size range is 100 to 5,000 bp.

TapeStation RNA

Samples should be 25 to 500 ng/ul.


QuantStudio 3 services

We have a QuantStudio 3 that can be used with 0.2 ml PCR plates.