Computer Lab User Policy

There are many requests to use the College of Education Main Computer Lab for instructional purposes. These requests come from a variety of sources, some from within the College of Education and some from within the University System.

Effective Policies

  1. All formal requests must be made at least three weeks in advance.
  2. If scheduled, all first time users must arrange for a lab orientation session to be held before the first scheduled use takes place. This orientation session can be arranged by emailing the lab manager.  
  3. All users must follow the Main Computer Lab Users Agreement, in which they will certify they will abide by University Computing Policies and will not add or remove software on lab computers or the lab network without the advance consent of the faculty and student lab managers.
  4. There must be an official College of Education Main Computer Lab proctor present at all times during computer use. If a proctor has been scheduled to work at the time the lab will be used, there will be no charge to the users for his/her services. If not, the CAMPUS user will need to directly pay the computer lab account (contact Maureen Morton at (775) 784-4971) at the proctor's regular rate of pay.
  5. The computing resources of the Nevada System of Higher Education are the property of the NSHE and are intended for support of the instructional, research, and administrative activities of the system institutions.
  6. Computing resources in the COE Computer Lab are for the use of individuals holding valid UNR NetID and for registered guest accounts.
  7. Unattended minor children are not permitted in the COE Computer Lab at any time, nor are unattended minor children permitted to use COE Computer Lab computing resources at any time. Faculty, staff and students are required to report unattended minor children in the COE Computer Lab, in accordance with approved UNR guidelines, to the office of the University police services (UNRPD or "campus police," 334-2677 or 9-911). Upon investigation, UNRPD will contact Washoe County Child Protective Services to provide for the welfare of the unattended minor child(ren).