Scholarship details

  • Tuition and fees: Tuition and fees related to academic program 100% covered through this scholarship for the duration of the scholarship
  • Annual stipend
    • Undergraduate $27,000/year for up to last two years before graduation (junior and senior year before graduation)
    • Graduate year $37,000 (as part of the MS year if the student is completing accelerated BS/MS program)
  • Annual allowance:
    • Professional allowance: $6000/year (for SFS Job Fair and other travel, conferences, research materials and supplies, a laptop, books, professional training and certifications, etc. as per NSF/OPM requirement)
  • Employment and summer internship: Students must find a summer internship at an appropriate government employer. The CyberCorps® SFS Program coordinates an annual job fair with dozens of participating federal government agencies where CyberCorps® students can interview for both summer internship and permanent employment. In some cases, students are permitted to work for state, local, or tribal government agencies; national laboratories; or federally funded research and development centers.
  • Service requirement (upon graduation): Students must commit to one full year of government employment for each year on scholarship. The agency may be the same or different from the employer for the student’s summer internship.
  • Duration of scholarship: Up to two years for undergraduates or up to three years for accelerated bachelor’s/master’s program students