Campus WiFi locations, computer lab access and more internet resources

September 8, 2020

This message was sent to students, faculty and staff at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Dear faculty, staff and students,

 While the University operates during COVID-19, a number of resources are available to those who need them.

We have been working to expand knowledge of outside wireless access coverage on campus, collate student computer lab listings in one location, and provide more indoor locations for students to access WiFi with their own devices for study and remote instruction.

Our WiFi network is strong and it is well distributed in the outdoor and indoor areas of campus, including all spaces you are used to accessing it, such as the University Libraries, Joe Crowley Student Union, and William N. Pennington Student Achievement Center.

Our Campus WiFi Strength Map provides information on the best wireless access strength of outdoor areas of campus. There is also wireless coverage at a number of locations off campus. A full listing of wireless locations is available, which also includes an accessible description of the map.

We understand that outdoor WiFi may not be the best “learning” environment for study or remote class attendance, so the following webpage compiles information on existing student computer labs on campus. Please know that some computer labs may restrict access for instructional use, certain degree seeking students, or other department needs. Please follow all rules and regulations posted within these computer lab spaces.

We have also expanded WiFi access within Lawlor Events Center. Meeting rooms on the lower concourse of Lawlor have been outfitted with desks available for use of wireless internet access from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Friday.

And finally, due to remote instructional modalities this semester, many classrooms that would otherwise be full of students for scheduled classes are now vacant. Scheduling Services has provided a list of buildings that have classrooms open and available to students throughout the day.

Any student may use a vacant classroom to access WiFi for study or remote class attendance as long as they mutually respect the use of that space by multiple individuals, follow 6-ft. social distancing guidelines, wear a mask at all times, use the provided cleaning materials to sanitize their learning space, and immediately vacate the room when they discover the start of a scheduled class. We will begin posting instructional schedules on classroom doors in the coming weeks.

Again, please refer to the Campus WiFi Strength Map for best access. More resources for working remotely are available on the Office of Information and Technology website. If you are having issues accessing the wireless internet on campus, please contact the OIT Support Center.


Jill S. Heaton
Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
Professor, Geography