COVID-19 testing clinic


Contact tracing overview

The Washoe County Health District (WCHD) is the agency designated by the state with the responsibility for contact tracing. However, the Student Health Center works closely with the WCHD on a daily basis and helps provides contact tracing information specific to our campus.

The Student Health Center does contact tracing on every positive case that is tested at the Student Health Center. The occurs on the same day the test is received. Information collected, includes but not limited to: date tested and date of positive result; date symptoms started; last date on campus; locations they have been on campus; whether they have in person classes; what classes; dates last attended and faculty member; and whether or not they live in the residence halls.

If a positive case has been in a class or lab during their time of infectivity, the faculty member will be notified. However, if the student did not attend class or lab while infectious, they will not be notified. This is consistent with the WCHD protocol.

Individuals are also encouraged to let their faculty member know of their test results. Even if they did not attend while infectious, they will miss upcoming classes while recovering and completing their self-isolation time.