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Under the silver core curriculum (which applies to students who began their degrees in Fall 2016 or later) students must take two Core Humanities courses to satisfy Core Objective 5 (History and Culture). Students may choose any two courses out of CH 201, CH 202 and CH 203. All Core Humanities courses satisfy Core Objective 5. In addition, CH 203 satisfies Core Objective 8 (Constitution).

Students who are completing their degrees under the old core curriculum (i.e., those who began at the University before Fall 2016) must take all three CH courses (CH 201, CH 202 and CH 203). Students may choose to meet the requirements of either the catalog that was in effect when they began their studies (old core curriculum), or the catalog that is in effect in the semester they graduate (silver core curriculum). Note that although the new core curriculum requires one less CH course, it includes other, additional requirements that students must meet. Depending on the courses you have taken already, you might complete your degree more quickly by taking all three CH courses and graduating under the old core requirements rather than the new ones. Be sure to consult with your major advisor to see what would be the best course of action for your particular case and to make sure you complete the appropriate paperwork for changing catalog years if that is your best option.