Yanayacu, Ecuador

Our goal is to conduct high quality research focused on some of the most important basic and applied questions in chemistry, biology, and ecology, with the guiding themes of understanding chemical and biological diversity in the tropics and bio-prospecting in Nevada’s Great Basin. The program's research in relatively unexplored regions of the world adds critical data to important basic research questions and may yield novel natural products with therapeutic and agricultural potential.

About the Program

The “omics” era of the life sciences has re-invigorated the discipline of natural products chemistry, finally equipping scientists with the tools to rapidly understand the origins of natural products and their role in ecology, medicine, and agriculture. UNR has developed an internationally recognized expertise in the fields of chemical ecology and natural products chemistry. Our expertise in metabolomics, genomics, ecology, mathematical and statistical modeling, organic chemistry, and biochemistry provides a unique opportunity for chemical ecologists to visit UNR and to benefit from our unique collaborative approach to solving problems in chemistry, ecology, evolution, medicine, and agriculture. Our ultimate goal is to capitalize on our current success and to maximize production by developing a scientific center that will bring an international cohort of scientists to perform chemical analysis in state of the art laboratory facilities, while simultaneously benefiting from multi-disciplinary consulting and training from the collaborative group of experts at UNR. This center would continue to enhance international recognition through hosting workshops and conferences in a variety of interdisciplinary topics, by developing unique multi-disciplinary training opportunities, and by attracting highly talented and qualified graduate students through center fellowships. An important ancillary goal is to continue to integrate both global and local communities through a variety of outreach efforts in collaboration with Earthwatch and local organizations, and to engage citizen scientists in the activities of the center.