Vision & Mission

We are Inspired by a Vision that All Nevada Students Are Empowered to Lead Lives of Connection and Meaning.

We know that University of Nevada, Reno students have goals for their future that are as unique and diverse as they are. Our biggest goal is to empower them to get there - and enjoy the journey along the way! Our vision keeps us inspired, but our mission keeps us grounded.

Our Mission is to Equip All Nevada Students with the Tools and Strategies to Navigate Careers with Clarity and Confidence.

We Value:


A tech-forward, multi-platform presence and a commitment to inventive programming.


A culture of exploring paths and passions that begins freshman year.


A welcoming environment that is student-centered, facilitated peer-to-peer.


Opportunities to gain experience through extracurricular engagement, professional internships, and networking with employers.


Collaborations with employers, alumni, our community and families to support students' career journeys.


Knowing where our graduates go and what they choose to do with a degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.