Anonymous improper activity

Improper activities include a broad range of fraud, abuse, mismanagement, waste, misconduct, non-compliance and other wrongdoing. Anyone within the university who has reasonable suspicions is responsible for reporting their concerns to the university.

The university is committed to institutional integrity, accountability, and compliance with the law. The university believes in doing the right thing. If you are aware of practices that are not consistent with these values, it is only through communication of your concerns or questions that the university can address them and make it right.

We encourage individuals within the university community to initially discuss concerns with their supervisor. Employees are encouraged to report suspected wrongdoing such as fraud, theft, uncorrected accounting errors, or other violations of university policies, federal, state or local laws to their supervisor or a higher level departmental manager.

However, in cases where this does not resolve the situation or the suspected wrong-doing may involve an employee's supervisor, contact the appropriate office as noted below.

Please note that disputes with supervisors, such as disagreements regarding performance evaluations or merit increases are not considered compliance issues. This type of concern should be addressed through normal department channels, beginning with a conversation with your supervisor. If that does not resolve the issue, contact Human Resources.

Reporting contacts

There are several offices on campus that have been charged with the responsibility of conducting investigations based on their expertise and areas of responsibility. Offices at the university with responsibility for specialized investigations include:

24 hour emergency numbers

  • 9-911 Threats to life, health or property
  • 334-COPS Police dispatch
  • Environmental Health and Safety 327-5040

Campus audit

Issues of financial misconduct, fraud or embezzlement.

See Reporting Anonymous Improper Activity Form

Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office

Issues regarding discrimination, equal employment opportunity, individuals with disabilities, Vietnam era and disabled veterans, sexual harassment and retaliation.

See Affirmative Action Policies and Grievance Procedures at or contact:

Continuing Education Building, Room 206
Phone: (775) 784-1547

Vice President for Research

Under section 6,515 of the University Administrative Manual, reports of allegations of research misconduct must be filed with the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Allegations must be in writing and must contain the elements of information as required in NSHE Code 6.8.1.

Ross Hall, Room 201
Phone: (775) 327-2363