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Alexa Lyons

Alexa Lyons

Rangeland Ecology & Management

Outstanding Senior

The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes graduating students who have excelled academically and have improved leadership in our College.

Alexa Lyons is a Rangeland Ecologist presently working for the Rangeland Ecology Laboratory at UNR. She has been instrumental in completing and advancing research within the lab, and has maintained employment at the maximum level possible during summer 2020 as well as the academic year 2020-2021; where she excelled academically. Her local upbringing in Spanish Springs, NV and involvement in rodeo throughout her life has given her unique insight and appreciation for the landscapes and inhabitants of the Silver State. Alexa is honored here with the award of Outstanding Senior in Rangeland Ecology and Management for a suite of skills and attributes which she has honed and achieved. Alexa is notable for her outstanding work ethic, her incredible willingness and desire to learn and improve, her astute skills of observation and perception and the kindness and respect she shows to those around her, bringing everyone around her up to greater level as well. Beyond academia, Alexa shows great precocity in photography and art, talent in training horses, and she balances several side jobs and projects in her “free time”. The faculty at UNR have appreciated their time working with Alexa, and look forward to working with her as a colleague into the future.

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