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Denise Haynie

Denise Haynie

Outstanding Staff Employee

The Outstanding Staff Award recognizes staff who exemplify excellence, innovation, achievement, contribution and performance, and who inspire and support others.

Our College proudly recognizes Denise Haynie as this year’s Outstanding Staff Employee. We are fortunate to have her as part of our administrative team. She sets a high bar of excellence, and she inspires her colleagues to achieve their best also. Below are snippets from her letters of recommendation, which highlight how she’s an excellent choice for and deserves this award: “In addition to managing her usual work load, there were many times that Ms. Haynie took initiative to address problems or situations that would otherwise delay the progress of others. For example, the administrative assistant position for the Departments of Nutrition and Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences has been intermittently vacant for over a year. Ms. Haynie worked diligently to develop and implement procedures that ensured important tasks were re-assigned. This often meant adding to her own workload. She never complained about how the situation was affecting her but rather often inquired about the welfare of others.” “Despite the overwhelming amount of work that everyone must do, Denise consistently finds ways to help her co-workers and other departments on campus. Her willingness to assist others and her commitment to educating our employees is unequaled. Denise is our go-to person and if she does not have an answer, she will find it. She is a great asset to our College.” “Denise always has a positive attitude towards helping others. She is very knowledgeable and her explanations are always thorough. She always replies to messages in a timely manner. She is an excellent example of an outstanding employee to have on anyone’s team, and I am happy to be working with her.” “Denise manages her team with the greater good in mind. She takes every opportunity to jump in and help each department, while setting a good example for us all. She is a factor in creating a culture that is fun, engaging and team-oriented with a high work ethic.”

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