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Jiavanna Wong-Fortunato

Jiavanna Wong-Fortunato

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Graduating Student Ambassador

Students in our College who volunteer in their sophomore or junior years to become student ambassadors are trained to help new and prospective students personalize their experiences in our College. Ambassadors learn leadership and communications skills, and train in all of our academic programs to provide expertise about what our College has to offer. They conduct tours, visit high schools, help with events for parents and students, and serve on an advisory committee. They also recruit new students and mentor them. Once ambassadors earn their degrees, we honor them as graduating student ambassadors. Our College thanks them for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice, as they have made a difference for our College and our students.

Hi, I’m Jia Wong-Fortunato and I am a biochemistry and molecular biology major! I chose this major initially because I wanted to attend medical school but ended up loving every aspect of it including the coursework, the labs, and all the professors. After this, I plan to take a gap year to explore the different STEM related career opportunities out there! I loved being a CABNR ambassador because I had the chance to learn and teach about CABNR and the university while bragging about the best college of them all!

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