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Molly Willoughby

Molly Willoughby

Environmental Science

Outstanding Senior

The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes graduating students who have excelled academically and have improved leadership in our College.

Congratulations to Molly Willoughby, one of two Outstanding Seniors in Environmental Science! Molly earned dual degrees in Environmental Science, with an emphasis in Natural Resource Planning and Management (B.S.), and Spanish Literature and Culture (B.A.). Molly is a National Merit Finalist and a participant in the UNR Honors Program. Under the mentorship of Dr. Elizabeth Koebele, Molly completed her Honors Thesis on the location, operations and accessibility of the Northern Nevada Regional Food System and presented her findings at the Western Regional Honors Conference, Southern Utah University. Molly also has diverse field and lab experience. She currently works with the Harpold Ecohydrology lab to program and wire environmental sensors and monitor hydrologic data. Summer 2019 she worked as a field technician across five western states with a Cushman Lab project on the Correlates for Quaking Aspen Die-Off. Molly also worked in the Gustin Mercury Analysis Lab as a student lab technician. Molly’s interests in food networks and the environment also led her to volunteer work and internships. She volunteered with the Desert Farming Initiative, and interned at Lab Finca Utopia in San Ramon, Costa Rica. On campus, she co-founded a chapter of the Food Recovery Network and played a leadership role in the UNR Environmental Club. After graduation Molly has an Americorps position with the Walker Basin Conservancy, and she looks forward to future graduate work related to food or water policy.

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