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Savanah Bloomquist

Savanah Bloomquist


Outstanding B.S. Student

The Outstanding B.S. Student Award recognizes graduating students who have excelled academically and have improved leadership in our College.

Savanah is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, she is in the top 5% of students in her major. She worked as a research intern at DxDiscovery for the past two years where she has been optimizing a rapid diagnostic for the fungal disease, mucormycosis. She received the undergraduate research award through INBRE, where she was funded to conduct research in the Kozel lab in 2019. She also previously volunteered in the Yan lab where she was a part of a publication. She will continue in Biotechnology’s accelerated M.S. program to earn her master’s degree. She plans to continue her research at DxDiscovery and continue working in industry. Savanah says, “I would like to thank everyone who has helped me throughout my undergraduate career. I would like to thank my adviser Dr. Howard for helping me get into the Biotechnology program where I found my passion for research. My principal investigators Dr. Kozel and Dr. Burnham-Marusich, I have learned so much from both of you and I am forever grateful for the amazing work environment the two of you have created at DxDiscovery. My coworkers Jacqueline Kelly and Michael Mash, it has been a pleasure to work with the two of you and I am grateful for the friendship the three of us have. My friend and classmate, Kathleen Zayac, we have been on the same academic path since 2015 and I am so lucky to have had you throughout undergrad. My boyfriend Michael for being such a great support system and always making me smile. Finally, I would like to thank my mom Sheri and my big sister Jayni, I would not be where I am today without the two of you.

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