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Everald McLennon

Everald McLennon

Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Science

Outstanding Ph.D. Student

The Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award is given annually to graduate students who have distinguished records within their programs, shown leadership qualities on campus and worked for the improvement of our College.

Everald earned his Ph.D. in environmental sciences from the University of Nevada, Reno. His dissertation topic focused on biochar as a soil amendment and its effects on biomass production, nutrient recycling and water quality. His previous research has focused on topics that include soil health, forage production, nutrient recycling, phosphorus and phytoremediation. He also holds a Master of Science. in Agricultural Economics and a Bachelor of Science. in Agribusiness Management, both from Louisiana State University. He is a native of St. Catherine, Jamaica, where he earned an associate's degree in agriculture from the College of Agriculture in Portland, Jamaica. Dr. McLennon is now a postdoctoral scholar at Oregon State University. His area of expertise includes forage agronomy, soil health and nutrient cycling, dryland farming and agricultural sustainability, and environmental contamination. Dr. McLennon also has experience working with hemp, teff, sorghum, camelina, wheat, barley, potatoes and cover crops.

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