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Yasmeen Ybarra

  • Yasmeen Ybarra

Veterinary Science

Outstanding Senior

The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes graduating students who have excelled academically and have improved leadership in our College.

Meet Yazmeen Ybarra, Senior Scholar from the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources ! 🎓 She chose to attend Nevada not only because of the beautiful campus but she heard of great experiences regarding the pre-veterinary program at UNR and wished to be a part of such a great community of students and professors. UNR is also a great distance from her hometown - far enough to be able to experience life on her own, but close enough to be able to visit when she was feeling homesick. When asked about her favorite college memory, she shared “I have many favorite memories from my academic career, such as all the good weekends I’ve had with my friends, finding hobbies that I really enjoy, or the feeling after my classmates and I aced an exam that we studied so hard for. However, my most favorite college memory is when I realized how much I loved to learn, especially when it came to animal science and medicine. This definitely allowed me to appreciate the world and knowledge in a different way, and makes me that much more excited to start my career.” Congratulations, Yazmeen! We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished and we’re proud to welcome you into a vibrant alumni Wolf Pack family!

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