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Mike Teglas

Mike Teglas

Associate Professor

Outstanding Teacher

The Outstanding Teacher Award is given annually to a faculty member with a distinguished record of teaching.

Mike Teglas has been described as the epitome of a student-centered teacher in every way. He serves as an advisor to veterinary science juniors and seniors, and he is the advisor for the Pre-Vet Club. In addition, he runs an active research lab while also providing research opportunities to students in the Department of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences. His students have characterized him as approachable, engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about his subjects. "Dr. Teglas is perfect in every way," an undergraduate student wrote in a survey. "He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he is teaching, and is great at keeping the class engaged. He is good at bringing in anecdotes from his professional experience to help connect us to the subject matter. He also creates a welcoming environment to seek support and ask questions." In the same survey, another undergraduate wrote, "[His teaching] made me want to be a veterinarian again." Teglas’s endeavors to educate students don’t stop in the classroom or the lab. He also seeks to engage new students through a demonstration each year at the College’s orientation. In addition, he has served as a liaison to Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education for many years. He reviews veterinary student applications to each of the commission’s veterinary colleges, doing what he can to help graduates of the Department of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences continue forward in their careers.

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