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Keith Larson

  • Keith Larson

Extension Award of Excellence for Support Staff

Administrative Clerk

The Extension Award of Excellence for Support Staff recognizes outstanding staff who exemplify the University's standards for excellence and innovation; whose efforts have inspired and supported the performance and achievement of others; and who show exemplary individual achievement, contribution and performance in their jobs and other related duties beyond their own offices.

Keith Larson provides administrative support for the Extension educator, community-based instructor and 4-H coordinator at the Extension office in Lincoln County. He works with local media to publicize Extension events, programs and services; administers Extension web and social media channels; supports the local 4-Council; and was highly instrumental to the office's record-breaking Nevada Radon Awareness Month programming this year. For years, he's also led the local Extension demonstration gardens, beautifying the grounds and providing an example of good horticultural practices. Additionally, he helps with Extension's Grow Your Own, Nevada! Program. Larson also serves as Extension liaison to county agencies and helps them with technology needs such as videoconferencing. Outside of his Extension work, Larson's involvement in the community continues. He's the treasurer for the Lincoln County Authority of Tourism, volunteer fire department and Heritage Society. He attends council meetings and serves on many committees in town. In addition to providing administrative and horticultural expertise to the Extension office and community, Larson ran the office while its Extension educator position was vacant. He prepared the organization's budget, provided leadership for his colleagues, and served as Extension's liaison to the Caliente City Council and Lincoln County Commissioners. A true and ardent supporter of Lincoln County, Keith Larson has often repeated his favorite mantra concerning the land and the people he loves, “If you can’t find it in Lincoln County, you don’t need it.”

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