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Leanne Perez

  • Leanne Perez

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Outstanding Senior

The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes graduating students who have excelled academically and have improved leadership in our College.

We are proud to honor the achievements of Leanne Perez, a recent graduate from the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with a major in biochemistry & molecular biology. During her three years in this program, Leanne worked as an undergraduate student researcher in Robert Ryan’s lab. She spent an impressive amount time conducting research alongside her research supervisor, Sharon Young, while maintaining her challenging course work. Leanne learned several molecular biology skills and has conducted biochemical assays that indicate she is a talented researcher. She successfully applied for a Nevada Undergraduate Research Award entitled "Diagnostic Metabolite Formation in Mitochondrial Disorders," and she recently co-authored a publication on her research. During her time as an undergraduate, Leanne maintained a high GPA while pursuing numerous extracurricular activities in preparation for her education in medical school. It was a true pleasure to have Leanne in the lab and work with her as faculty in her role as student and NevadaFIT pack mentor. Whatever Leanne puts her mind to, she does it wholeheartedly. She has a welcoming personality and interacts well with faculty, staff, and other students. She is well prepared and diligent in her academic, research, and community outreach activities. In summary, Leanne Perez is an exceptional student and person and we wish her continued success as she progresses to the University’s School of Medicine this July. Leanne says, "A very special thank you to my family and mentors who have helped me along my journey so far."

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