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Kyle Nennecker

  • Kyle Nennecker


Outstanding Graduate Student

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award is given annually to graduate students who have distinguished records within their programs, shown leadership qualities on campus and worked for the improvement of our College.

Kyle Nennecker received both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in biotechnology. Having moved to Reno from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to pursue his dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, he quickly discovered his true passion in biochemistry and biophysics and has conducted research at the University since his freshman year. His mentors included Thomas Bell, with the College of Science, and Thomas Gould and Christine Cremo, both with the School of Medicine. During his time in Cremo’s lab, Kyle was able to demonstrate acute attention to detail and exemplary time management skills, which will help lead to a publishable paper. In addition to his research efforts, Kyle has been an outstanding teaching assistant for biochemistry lecture and lab classes. He went out of his way to schedule help sessions for students and provide feedback and advice on lab reports. Kyle plans to explore the private industry, but his main goal is to pursue a doctorate in the biomedical field in Europe.

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