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Scott Chadwick

Scott Chadwick

President, Head of Quality & Founder | Pacific Pharmaceutical Services

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Leadership Award

The Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Leadership Award honors professionals who, through their vision, influence, and persistence, create change that positively impacts the nutritional health of Nevadans.

It is our honor to present the 2020 Biochemistry Leadership Award to Scott Chadwick. Chadwick has played an influential role in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years and been an active leader in sharing his expertise with the University. He has provided invaluable expertise as a curriculum consultant, guest lecturer and 2016 Biotechnology Symposium keynote speaker. As company founder and president of Pacific Pharmaceutical Services in Reno, Chadwick has hired numerous interns from our program, where he has taught them important skills and produced top candidates for future employment. His close connection with our students and his desire to give back prompted him to start a foundation within the College in 2019 to provide scholarships for students in the Biotechnology Program. His one-on-one approach with students in the areas of training and mentoring make Chadwick an ideal inaugural recipient for the 2020 Biochemistry Leadership Award.

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