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Student Organizations

Joining a student organization or honor society is a great way to develop a network with others in your major and make contacts in the business community. Active participation also develops valuable skills that are sought by employers. There are two types of student organizations: professional and honoraries. Professional organizations, which are open to anyone who is interested, promote competencies and achievements relevant to a specific discipline and related occupations.

Honor societies encourage and recognize superior scholastic achievement and leadership. Honoraries usually invite prospective members to join through a rush program or direct contact.

Student organizations are a great way for students pursuing a major in business to get involved and build personal and professional relationships. Membership in one of these organizations provides networking opportunities, social interaction, and guest speakers from the business community. And it looks great on your resume!

For more information on any of the student organizations listed below, contact Jim McClenahan at (775) 784-4852 or


AKY - Alpha Kappa Psi

(All Students)

The main focus of Alpha Kappa Psi is to provide leadership development, personal and professional training and the fundamental ingredient higher education misses: experience. Through professional development, educational programs, community service and a hands-on application of formal education.

Faculty Advisor: Tod Colegrove

AMA - American Marketing Association

(Marketing Students)

The AMA connects students with peers and professionals in all areas of marketing, as well as the business world and provides students with relevant marketing, management, financial, advertising and promotion experience.

Faculty Advisor: Igor Makienko

Beta Gamma Sigma

(All Students)

Beta Gamma Sigma is the honorary scholastic society for business students sponsored by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB—the accreditation body of the College of Business). Membership is by invitation only and limited to the top 10 percent of seniors, the top 7 percent of juniors, or the top 20 percent of those in master’s programs. The Nevada Alpha Chapter is now over 50 years old, and inducts members annually at the school’s Honors and Awards banquet each spring. Beta Gamma Sigma graduation chords and more-commonly-worn pins are recognized around the world as symbols of academic achievement and scholastic excellence.

President: Mark G. Simkin

BAP - Beta Alpha Psi

(Accounting Students)

Beta Alpha Psi is a national service honorary group for accounting majors and minors. Juniors and seniors in those programs with an overall 3.0 GPA and major GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible for membership.

Beta Alpha Psi

Faculty Advisor: Jannet Vreeland

Black Business Student Association

(All Business Students)

The Black Business Student Association is an organization that encourages the connection of students of African descent to opportunities and connections. We offer our students resources such as partnerships, mentorships, and service learning opportunities to enhance community involvement and global leadership.

Faculty Advisors: Stallar Lufrano-Jardine and Christine Adelaja

Business Student Council

(All Business Students)

The Business Student Council advises the Dean on issues relating to the student experience, provides for recognition of outstanding College of Business students and serves the interests of the college in terms of creating and promoting new opportunities for students to interact with the business world.

Business Student Council

Faculty Advisor: Jim McClenahan

Computers and Information Systems Club

(Information Systems/Computer Science preferred, but all majors welcome)

The purpose of the Computers and Information Systems Club is to unite individuals who are passionate about building a culture of productivity, technology, creativity, collaboration, and business professionalism in order to improve the lives of our members and those within our influence through education, practical demonstration, and career preparation.


Faculty Advisor: Adam Reed

DSP - Delta Sigma Pi

(All Business Students)

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity dedicated to the professional development of its members. Through professional events, community service, and networking opportunities, students gain valuable business knowledge that is not offered in the classroom.

Delta Sigma Pi

Faculty Advisor: Mary Groves

Economics Club

(Economics Students)

Economics Club is a place where students interested in the economy and the world around them congregate. Speakers present on a wide variety of topics, from financial planning and going to law school, to economic modeling. Students are encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions. The Club helps students identify and explore possible career paths, such as lawyer or economist, and maximize their time as a student through workshops and advisement sessions where students walk away with tangible benefits. All students with an interest in Economics are welcome to join, and those that qualify can also join Omicron Delta Epsilon. Qualification into Omicron Delta Epsilon is defined by at least 12 credit hours in Economics and minimum GPA of 3.0.

Visit the Economics Club on Facebook!

Faculty Advisor: Mark Pingle


(Open to all students)

Enactus is a community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. We are a community service organization with a twist that is looking for dedicated students across all majors who can make an impact in the local community through action-based projects and can tackle issue areas like fiscal education, hunger relief, health care, and small business development. On a global scale, Enactus operates in over 36 countries, has over 4,900+ projects annually, over 5,850,000 community service hours annually, and impacts over 1,950,000 lives over the span of a year.

Faculty Advisor: Stallar Lufrano-Jardine

Entrepreneurship Club

(All Business Students)

The Entrepreneurship Club is a learning-by-doing environment where students can cultivate their entrepreneurship skills. Students in the club will participate in the development of a business, at minimum by working on a business plan, but ideally also by being part of implementing a start-up. Different Entrepreneurship teams are created around different start-up ideas, and experienced entrepreneurs from the business community mentor the teams, along with University faculty advisors. Some business plans are entered in the Governor's Cup business plan competition. The club is also a place where people in the community can incubate a business idea, providing students with learning opportunities as the students help develop the idea through the club. An emphasis is on following through so that profitable businesses actually are created by the club.

Faculty Advisor: Mark Pingle

Financial Planning Association

(All Students)

The FPA student chapter is a nationally connected organization dedicated to connecting students with the commercial world of finance through hosting events with professional speakers. The Financial Planning Association (FPA®) is the largest membership organization for personal financial planning experts in the U.S. and includes professionals from all backgrounds and business models. Reno's FPA student chapter is the first recognized chapter in Nevada. Becoming a member of the Reno FPA student chapter gives students access to the same tools and benefits as a professional FPA member.

Faculty Advisor: Gregory Stone and Rahul Bhargava

IBSC - International Business Students Chapter

(International Business Students)

IBSC is the student chapter of the Nevada World Trade Council. The chapter is open to all majors and students with an interest in international business. During the meetings, new events are discussed, and guest speakers talk about many different topics relating to international business.

Faculty Advisor: Yvonne Stedham

MHRA - Management & Human Resources Association

(Management Students)

The MHRA is dedicated to expanding students' exposure to career-oriented experiences and opportunities through student networking, leadership roles, and guest speakers. The focus of this interaction is, of course, the HR and Management disciplines.

Management and Human Resources Association

Faculty Advisor: Linda Barrenchea

Nevada Student Investment Organization

 (All Students)

The Nevada Student Investment Organization is a student run organization designed for individuals looking to learn about the stock market, investment techniques and network with other investment-minded students. We meet weekly to discuss recent market events, participate in our paper-trade competition, and learn about trading strategies in order to gain a deeper understanding of the complex investing ecosystem.  Through NSIO, we hope to increase investment literacy among students on the UNR campus.

Faculty Advisor: Elliot Parker

Professional Network of Women

 (All Students)

The purpose of the Professional Network of Women is to provide a supportive community for women on campus interested in professional pursuits to network, learn, and build positive relationships with other students and professionals in the community. Meetings will consist of presentations focused on various professional topics and strategies, mentoring and networking opportunities, and guidance and support for professional development. Student membership is open to all part-time and full-time university students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Visit the Professional Network of Women on Facebook and Instagram!

Faculty Advisor: Liset Puentes