Business Student Council

The Business Student Council is a student organization that provides input to the Dean on issues relating to the student experience. The Business Student Council serves the interests of the College of Business in creating and promoting new opportunities for students to interact with the business world. It provides for recognition of outstanding College of Business students and faculty. The BSC also coordinates events such as Business Week, Firm Tours, Honors and Awards Banquet and Professional Speakers on Campus.

The Business Student Council is made up of College of Business students representing each of the current business student organizations and ASUN Senators, and a student representative from each major and a number of students from each class, freshman through senior level.

Benefits include direct access and advisement to the Dean, resume building experiences including leadership positions, increased opportunities to interact with business professionals and the community at both college and community events, and the opportunity to be seen in a professional light as an ambassador of the College of Business.

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