Fringe Benefit Rates and Information

The FY18 EPR factor is .87719 (The Police/Fire EPR factor is .827443)

Download Excel File for 2017-2018 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 7/14/2017)

Download Excel File for 2016-2017 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 3/10/2016)

Download Excel File for 2015-2016 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 6/15/2015)

Students working over the summer and not enrolled in summer school and students who have worked in any non-student capacity for a NSHE entity during the year have a fringe rate of 9.35% if they participate in FICA and 3.15% if they are in the FICA Alternative program.

Students in Campus work study programs have 100% of the fringe and 25% of the salary charged to the non-work study account (effective fringe rate of 7%).

Graduate Assistant Health Insurance is available for all domestic Graduate Assistants with a .25 or greater appointment (10 hours/week and enrolled in 6 credits or more) over a 10 to 12 month period at an FY2018 annual rate of $3040 ($1,811.20 for international graduate assistants).  New graduate health insurance rates are subject to change until the insurance contract is executed each August.

Self Supporting (non-sponsored project) accounts will be charged a flat assessment rate of $242.22 for 100% FTE (fee will be prorated based on FTE for part-time salaries) against retirement eligible classified salaries as the State Personnel Division Assessment (SPDA).  This assessment will be an operating expense using sub object SP.