Fringe Benefit Rates and Information

Effective July 1, 2018 when budgeting (non-sponsored project) salaries at the University of Nevada, Reno, please use the following fringe benefit rates:

Employee Type*: Fringe Rate %

Professional: 25.60%
Overload (w/out retirement): 3.15%
Classified: 42.95%
Overtime (w/out retirement): 3.15%
Graduate Assistant: 13.25%
Letter of Appointment: 10.20%
Wages: 2.50%

*The following components are included in the above fringe rates where applicable:
Worker's Compensation (on first $36K/year)
Medicare (if hired after 4/86)
Other Retirement (LOA's, Temp. Worker, Part-Time Professionals less than 50%, Classified less than 53% and students working > 20 hrs/wk hired prior to 7/1/05.)
Retirement RPA
Retirement PERS EE/ER
Retirement PERS EPR
REGI (Retired Employees Group Insurance: This assessment is charged against all PEBP health insurance eligible salaries and is a fringe benefit expense.)
PEBP Health Insurance per month
AG TORT Claim Assessment
SPDA (Self Supporting, non-sponsored project, flat rate charged against retirement eligible classified salaries as the State Personnel Division Assessment (SPDA).
Graduate Assistant Health Insurance is available for all Graduate Assistants with a .25 or greater appointment (10 hours/week and enrolled in 6 credits or more)

Download Excel File for 2017-2018 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 7/14/2017)

Download Excel File for 2016-2017 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 3/10/2016)

Download Excel File for 2015-2016 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 6/15/2015)

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