Fringe Benefit Rates and Information

The FY16 EPR factor is .87719 (The Police/Fire EPR factor is .827443)

Download Excel File for 2016-2017 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 3/10/2016)

Download Excel File for 2015-2016 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 6/15/2015)

 Download Excel File for 2014-2015 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 7/21/2014)

Download Excel File for 2013-2014 Fringe Benefit Rates (amended 7/9/2013)

 Students working over the summer and not enrolled in summer school and students who have worked in any non-student

capacity for a NSHE entity during the year have a fringe

rate of 9.95% if they participate in FICA and 3.75% if they are in the FICA Alternative program.

Students in Campus work study programs have 100% of the fringe and 25% of the salary charged to the non-work study account (effective fringe rate of 7%).

Graduate Assistant Health Insurance is available for all domestic Graduate Assistants with a .25 or greater appointment (10 hours/week and enrolled in 6 credits or more) over a 10 to 12 month period at an FY2013 annual rate of $2,760 ($1,307 for international graduate assistants). The graduate health insurance is encumbered as a fringe charge sometime each September. New graduate health insurance rates are subject to change until the insurance contract is executed each August.

Self Supporting (non-sponsored project accounts) accounts will be charged approximately 0.61% in FY16 against retirement eligible classified salaries (14 01) as the State Personnel Division Assessment (SPDA). Because this assessment funds the current operations of the state personnel division it is an operating expense for subject SP. This amount will be charged for the full year when we are billed by the state each winter.