Originally founded in 1967 as a graduate program of Atmospheric Physics within the University’s Department of Physics, the curriculum was expanded in 1990, and the program name was changed to Atmospheric Sciences (ATMS).  Faculty of the Division of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS) at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) and the University (UNR) teach a number of ATMS courses and serve as primary thesis/dissertation advisors for graduate students from ATMS as well as other UNR interdisciplinary programs.  Students in ATMS enroll in courses offered through the University and perform their research at DRI as well as the University.

The mission of the Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Program is to train graduate students to become scientists/professionals in the theoretical, experimental, and technological foundations of meteorology and climatology, atmospheric physics, atmospheric chemistry, and air quality, and to prepare these scientists/professionals to be leaders in the multiple avenues of atmospheric research and education.

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