Innovating to advance our understanding and knowledge of the earth-atmosphere system

A dynamic field incorporating physics, chemistry, hydrology and mathematics that explores the structure of the Earth's atmosphere.

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Research in Atmospheric Science is shaping the way we understand our planet, the resources on it, and how we protect it.

Achievements and announcements

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Kacie Shourd publishes her paper in the “Climate” journal

Kacie Shourd

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Kacie Shourd published her research manuscript in the Climate MDPI special issue "Extreme Weather Events": The title of Kacie’s paper is “The Multiscale Dynamics of the 29 June 2012 Super Derecho”.

Colin Warden Memorial Paper Award winner 2021!

Colin Warden

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Pramod Adhikari received the 2021 Colin Warden Memorial Paper Award. (Advisor: Professor John Mejia, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Desert Research Institute). The title of Pramod’s paper is “Influence of aerosols on clouds, precipitation and freezing level height over the foothills of the Himalayas during the Indian summer monsoon”.

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Kevin Axelrod publishes first paper

Kevin Axelrod

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Kevin Axelrod published his first paper, “Relative abundance of saccharides, free amino acids, and other compounds in specific pollen species for source profiling of atmospheric aerosol,” in the Science of The Total Environment journal. Congratulations, Kevin!

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Chiranjivi Bhattarai wins GSA award!

Student Chiranjivi Bhattarai, wearing a face covering, holds up a paper certificate. Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Chiranjivi Bhattarai received an outstanding graduate student scholarship from the Graduate Student Association (Fall 2020). Congratulations, Chiranjivi.

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Saroj Dhital receives Graduate Dean’s Merit Scholarship

Saroj Dhital standing before a large mountain range, blue skies with white clouds.Ph.D. student Saroj Dhital was awarded a 2020 Graduate Dean's Merit Scholarship. Learn more about the Graduate Dean Awards and see the full list of recipients. Congratulations, Saroj!

Atmospheric Science faculty member, Neil Lareau, mentioned in AP news story about California wildfires

Assistant Professor Neil Lareau was quoted for an AP news story about the California wildfires. Read the full story

Recently published paper!

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Saroj Dhital's paper, "Atmospheric Dynamics of a Saharan Dust Outbreak over Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands Preceded by Rossby Wave Breaking: Multi‐scale Observational Analyses and Simulations" was recently published. Congrats, Saroj! Read the article.

Recently published paper!

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. student Saroj Dhital is a second author of the recently published paper “Large scale upper-level precursors for dust storm formation over North Africa and poleward transport to the Iberian Peninsula Part I: An observational analysis”


Our impact

Nevada Today news stories from the Atmospheric Sciences and the departments that contribute to the program.

Rick Kraus smiles, wearing a blue shirt in the foreground with green foliage in the background.

Paving the Wolf Pack Way: Rick Kraus '07

Paving the Wolf Pack Way is a series of stories showcasing Wolf Pack Way alumni from the College of Science.

A vial of bright yellow crystalline vulpinic acid sits on a lab bench next to various fuzzy lichens.

NASA grant funds research for sunscreen on Mars

High radiation on Mars is one of the many reasons the Red Planet seems inhospitable. Two chemistry professors from the University are using solutions from early Earth to solve that problem on Mars.

post-fire revegetation in Oregon Cascades

Snow cover critical for revegetation following forest fires

College of Science study finds climate change a factor in decrease of snowpack in the Western United States