What is Anthropology?


Archaeology Archaeologists study the human past through the physical remains of past human activities. Everything from portable artifacts to plant remains illuminates human history.
Three people excavating a site
Biological Biological anthropologists, also known as physical anthropologists, study human evolution and variation. Specific emphasis is on mechanisms of biological evolution, genetic inheritance, human, adaptability, worldwide genetic and physical variation, primate anatomy and behavior and paleoanthropology.
Anthropology student looking through a microscope connect to a camera
Cultural Cultural anthropologists study the diversity of human cultures and societies and the process by which people construct local, regional and global forms of social relationships. Several of our faculty study the process by which people construct particular social identities, worldviews and form of community in a changing, globalizing world.
Elders prepare an offering to be burn for the sun
Linguistics Linguistic anthropology is the study of language use in social life. Linguistic anthropologists study the diversity of the world's languages and the diversity of language use and other forms of communication in societies around the world. Also included in this is the study of cultural understanding of languages and language varieties.
Mass celebration in foreign country